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Jake Roberts Out Of Coma, Moved To A Different Hospital

Jake Roberts Out Of Coma, Moved To A Different Hospital

Aug 30 2014 By: Colin Vassalo

Jake “The Snake” Roberts has now been moved to a different hospital within the city of Las Vegas which is better equipped to handle his pneumonia and is fully awake after staying in and out of a coma for nearly 24 hours. His lungs are filled with fluid so while it’s good news about the coma, work still needs to be done to treat his pneumonia. There’s still no update on what the mass fou... Read More


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JR's Blog: @TonySchiavone Podcast Exploding, New, Ross Report Guests Booked, JR & USA Today Sports, Sooners Open at Home, Lucha Underground Info

JR's Blog: @TonySchiavone Podcast Exploding, New, Ross Report Guests Booked, JR & USA Today Sports, Sooners Open at Home, Lucha Underground Info

College football season is here in the USA and I couldn't be more ready to tailgate with some of the best grill masters around....let's get to cooking! Getting amazingly positive feedback on our @TonySchiavone24 podcast now... Read More

Exclusive Interview: Ruthless Ryan Davidson

Exclusive Interview: Ruthless Ryan Davidson

Ruthless Ryan Davidson is the self-proclaimed cornerstone of Reality of Wrestling, and it would be foolish to argue otherwise. Every description of any ROW event is usually filled with accolades towards Ryan, and it’s deservedly so. I was lucky enough to sit with Ryan and discuss a myriad of topics — his football career at West Texas A&M Uni... Read More


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SRPW Tag Team

Won: Aug 29th


NWA-TXO Heavyweight

Jerome Daniels
Won: Aug 15th


IZW Impact Division

Drake Gallows
Won: Aug 9th


IZW Tag Team

Big Business
Won: Aug 9th


IZW Heavyweight

Johnny Z
Won: Aug 9th


SRPW Tag Team

Bash Brothers
Won: Aug 9th


IWR Heavyweight

Jerry Bostic
Won: Aug 3rd


DEMW Heavyweight

King Midget
Won: Aug 2nd


MSWA Oklahoma

Won: Jul 27th


WFC Tag Team

K. C. Wolves
Won: Jul 20th


MSWA Mid-South Heavyweight

Rick Russo
Won: Jul 13th


UWE United States

Robert Lee
Won: Jul 12th


UWE Tag Team

A. C. Slaughter
Won: Jul 12th


IZW Heavyweight

Gary Tool
Won: Jun 28th


IZW Impact Division

Angel Camacho
Won: Jun 28th


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  • 08-24 2011 Uncle Mikey & Aaron the Candy Man def. Chris Von Luhr & Jason Noal for the ACW Tag Team Champions
  • 08-25 1978 Bruiser Brody def. Karl Krupp for the WCCW Texas Brass Knuckles Champion
  • 08-25 2006 Rocco Valentino def. John O'Malley for the NWA-U Oklahoma Heavyweight Champion
  • 08-25 2007 Jerry Bostic def. D Money for the UWF06 Heavyweight Champion
  • 08-25 2012 The Franchise Players (Rick Russo & Shane Sanchez) def. The Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) for the SWCW Tag Team Champions
  • 08-25 2012 Jake O'Brien def. Drake Gallows for the SWCW Hardcore Champion
  • 08-25 2012 Drake Gallows def. Jake O'Brien for the SWCW Hardcore Champion
  • 08-25 2013 Kevin Morgan def. Bobby Starr for the MSWA Oklahoma Champion
  • 08-26 2000 Original Renegade def. Bull Schmitt for the OPW Oklahoma Heavyweight Champion
  • 08-26 2000 Jenna Love def. Heather Savage for the OPW Oklahoma Womens Champion
  • 08-27 1982 Killer Khan def. Mr. Olympia for the MSW Mississippi Champion
  • 08-27 2006 Tyler Bateman def. AWOL for the MSWA Tri-State Champion
  • 08-27 2011 Drake Gallows became the SWCW All-American Champion
  • 08-27 2011 Brandon Walker def. Ray Martinez for the UWE United States Champion
  • 08-27 2011 L. J. McDaniels became the SWCW Hardcore Champion
  • 08-28 1972 Terry Garvin 1st & Duke Myers def. Tom Jones & Ken Mantell for the TSW United States Tag Team Champion
  • 08-28 1985 Wendell Cooley & Al Perez def. Steve Williams & Bob Sweetan for the MSW Mid-South Tag Team Champion
  • 08-29 2014 The Rising (Justin Riker & Abel) def. The Bash Brothers (Ethan Cole & Trey Cole) for the SRPW Tag Team Champions
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  • Blade Aug 30th Today!
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  • Tracy Smothers Sep 2nd
  • Kolby Wolfe Sep 3rd
  • Kaci Kannon Sep 3rd
  • Jim Larock Sep 3rd
  • Butcher Brannigan Sep 3rd
  • Jerry Kozak Sep 4th
  • 3rd Rail Sep 4th
  • Pat Barrett Sep 4th
  • Sonny C Sep 5th
  • Char Starr Sep 5th
  • Bernard Funk Sep 5th
  • Wendi Richter Sep 6th
  • Beau Dalton Sep 6th
  • Leroy Brown Sep 8th
  • Great Kabuki Sep 8th
  • Rancid Sep 9th
  • Greg Valentine Sep 10th
  • Mr. Wrestling II Sep 10th
  • Les Mayne Sep 10th
  • Bash Sep 12th
  • Bounty Hunter Sep 12th
  • American Anarchy Sep 12th
  • Montego Seeka Sep 12th

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